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Painting process on canvas

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Have you ever heard the rustle of a brush on canvas?

The artist's brush glides across the canvas, making a soft, pleasant sound. The brush picks up paint and touches the canvas again. Measured rhythmic rustle. Mesmerizing sounds. Today I paint a calm, confident philosophy of happiness that will convey this state to the viewer. Today I have such a state. I show on the canvas the volume of this state, all its vibrations and mood.

In this small workshop, the birth of the painting takes place.

The sun's rays fall on the walls. There is an open box on the table, next to it are several twisted and rumpled tubes of oil paints. Some of them have fingerprints on the surface. It smells of resin and pine needles - this is a natural art varnish. Oil paintings on canvas are created here.

There is a forgotten coffee in a cup next to the easel.

I lower the brush and walk away from the painting to look at the work of art in the interior. I remember about coffee, grab a cup of coffee, sit on a chair to think about the picture and give rest to my eyes. The doors to the balcony are open. This is a typical European mini-balcony, more precisely doors and railings to just look at the street. I slide my view over the picture. I get up and continue to work. Again a mixture of feelings and colors.

Evening. I step back and sit on a chair. Finishing my coffee. Tired but satisfied. In the morning I'll look at the painting differently. Perhaps I will not be happy and the process will be repeated until I feel that painting is ready to be shown.

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