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At the touch of a button or screen we are able to communicate effortlessly and consume large amounts of information at a rapid speed. The unprecedented technological development and high-speed progress overall afforded us the modern living filled with conveniences and efficiencies.


As well as more information noise. These “noises’ are everywhere; whether we are seeking it or not. They appear in images and sounds through advertisements, events, and our surroundings in general.

Watercolor Stain  _edited_edited_edited.

Sometimes it might be overwhelming and chaotic and my idea is to create a refuge filled with tranquility, peace and solitude.


I want to capture this state of stillness and express them through my oil paintings and transmit them to my collectors.


I want to express the positive cheerful state of being with oneself. Like that moment of tranquility, when the phone is off, a glass of wine is poured, and a sunset is admired in silence.

oil paintings

I aspire to express this refuge by original oil paintings natural and simple motives, but adorned with rich, bright colors and textural contrasts and nuances.

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