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Alex Victor Ihnatenko is a distinguished artist - ArtAscent magazine (V51, October 2021)

A series of my oil paintings - Clay Creations - have been chosen for publication and I was called "distinguished artist" in ArtAscent magazine (V51 Connection October 2021, page 52).

Have you ever wondered how another person is going through their life experience? I guess if you're not a sociopath (like Sherlock Holmes by Cumberbatch), then yes. What do you think it means to be not so young, but a new and promising artist?

This is understood by every artist who came to art in adulthood. Artists who graduated from college at the age of 22 are exactly the very young artists who face the way forward. However, when you are 30-40 years old and have just started, it seems that you are also a new artist, but not so young.

As an artist, you spend a lot of energy trying to find yourself in art. And if this is already a mature person, he needs to take care of the family and pay the bills.

And then you start to succeed.

That's what that feeling is.

This is not yet worldwide recognition, but the heavy door that leads to the room of success yields and this moment inspires.

There must be something that pushes the artist to the canvas, and this is not always just inspiration or dependence on art and the sound of the brush rustling on the canvas.

In articles on psychology, with a simple search on Google, you can easily find such advice as not to compare yourself with other people from your environment, profession, social stratum. But we do all this, right?

CLAY CREATIONS SERIES by Alex Victor Ihnatenko:

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