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Why can a child create a modern painting better than an artist?

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Children love to paint. They paint a lot and boldly. They are confident that they are creating something beautiful. This confidence is conveyed in every element of their paintings. Children do not know the laws of composition, the rules of spatial perspective, the tonality of the foreground and other subtleties of drawing.

Children are driven by pure intuition, a desire to express their feelings, a creative spark that is in every person. In adults, it is reborn into the ability to see the beauty of the environment. But the desire to create something disappears in most people due to various life events.

Exhibition of paintings by my students

Those who decide to continue and connect their lives with the visual arts go through the stages of comprehending drawing and acquiring drawing skills in art schools. In an art school they teach to draw, explain what is good and what is bad. In art academies, the situation is repeated - the young artist is taught the laws of drawing and how to create paintings, sculptures or other types of modern art.

"I can draw like Raphael, but it will take me my whole life to learn how to draw like a child draws." - Picasso said.

As a child, I knew how to draw Everything. During the years of study at the academy, I acquired skills and good training of hand motor skills.

“First, learn to draw and paint like the old masters, and only then act independently - and you will be respected,” - said the artist Salvador Dali.

Combining these philosophies, I created my own art school. Working with children in my art school, I tried not to lose the child in me. Children are great teachers, especially when you teach oil painting to six-year-olds. An inquisitive childish mind, incredible resourcefulness, sincerity - this is what children put into their paintings. It helped me become confident in what I am doing and define my style of painting. Human philosophy determines the way of life.

Perhaps that is why children's drawings are better than some examples of modern art. It's just that kids don't have to pretend to be kids.

In the photo is my little student Alexandra. This is her oil painting, a copy of Monet.

Oil painting by young artist
Oil painting by young artist

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