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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

In preschool age, children understand the difference between a child's drawing and "a professional" drawing. Children enjoy doing "adult" tasks, such as Vermeer's copy of "Girl with a Pearl Earring". They feel that this is already real, they like to be "real professional artists" (I call them that).

I teach not only painting lessons, but also create an atmosphere of mutual respect for each child and his parents. Children trust me. At school, they feel free, liberated. Parents say that they are waiting for the next lesson to create new artwork - this is good news. I see that they are happy.

The walls in the studio need to be repainted every month, everyone is wiped with paint. Children's handprints not only on the floor, doors, sofas, they somehow manage to make prints on the windows and even on my clothes. In my opinion, these five or six-year-olds have the main task of making their handprints. Children joke like that.

Oil paintings is most popular type of artworks among children

I also had many art teachers. Some of them taught me a lot. And each of them had their own view of the artist's life.

I remember one teacher in Academy. During his life, he created many artworks, especially commissioned ones. It seemed that this artist was the pinnacle of all achievements. In class, he usually gave assignments and watched TV. If someone asked something, he was irritated, moved on to the topics of world politics and said that we have to teach ourselvs, and then we will achieve everything.

I know that many of my students will not associate their life with painting, but when they take a pencil or brushes, they will not have the bitter residue of bad memories.

Lesson will b

egin soon, this group is older from 7 to 9 years old. Today I picked up an interesting combination of teal, pink and deep blue. I want to show this to children.

I consider today the best achievement for me.

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