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When this bronze sculpture had been creating, I imagined the taste of wine that was raised from a sunken French frigate on the seabed, and which could be worthy of Napoleon.

I wanted to create a bronze sculpture that will interact with a regular life of a person. This is not just an wine holder, it is an art that can be touched every week.

Bronze is a noble material, suitable for creating beautiful things. Octopus has a natural patina of olive, black and deep blue.

The sole of the sculpture is covered with fabric to preserve the surface of the table.

Weight 8lb 3oz.

Applicable for classic Bordeaux and Riesling bottles with a diameter of up to 2"3/4 or even 2"4/5.

Bronze sculpture/wine holder Octopus

  • 20x21x15 cm (7.9x8.3x5.9 in)

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