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Distinquished artwork according to ArtAscent magazine (V51 Connection October 2021).

Art of the day according to ArtPal.

Selected artwork - Loupe Art open call.


"Noon in Summer - When I look at this work, I experience those emotions when, in the middle of the summer, I left for the village, and there I felt how life was in full swing around, nature was filled with strength and a sense of unity arose in my soul." - AVI


A series of these works addresses the hidden parts of our identity through the prism of religious beliefs, which to one degree or another are deep in the labyrinth of our consciousness. By analogy, the artist tells us that a person is a vessel, a kind of container of experience, knowledge and preconceptions, born from stardust, just like everything around us. Each of us is unique and imperfect, as well as each of the jugs. It depends on us how to fill ourselves, but we are all subject to the influence of the environment. All jugs are interconnected, create a common composition, and communicate with each other through color, light, absorbing and reflecting in their surfaces images of other jugs and the environment. The world is open in front of us, somewhere it is inhabited and well-studied, somewhere there is nature untouched by man, and somewhere new settlements can be seen next to ancient ruins. In the world of the future, a person will always have white spots on the maps - both of the earth and space.


The landscape painting Noon in Summer (Clay Creations series) is a unique wall art by a contemporary artist. The work is done in calm green and soft colors with high contrast. Philosophical thesisis appeal to the viewer and encourage reflection. Visit an artist's art gallery to discover artist artworks or buy a painting.

Original oil painting Clay creations: Noon in Summer (2/4 in the serie)

$1.400,00 Preu normal
$1.330,00Preu d'oferta
  • 100x65x1.5 cm (25.6x39.4x0.7 in)

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